History of the First Pentecostal United Holy Church

     In 1945, the world was engaged in war and turmoil. Germany, Japan, Italy, and most of Europe were places of death and destruction. Thousands of miles from those battlefields of darkness in Norfolk, Virginia, a vision was being born. It was a vision for a church, a haven of hope for the lost. While many other churches already existed, that did not hinder this vision for a church on the corner of Wilson Road and Cypress Street. Nothing stood on this property, but by faith, one woman of God saw what would be there!

     Reverend Mrs. Rebecca James Mackey was true to her vision. She expressed her hope to build a church on the corner of Wilson Road to her pastor, Reverend Rosa Fisher Barnes. In spite of great obstacles, she was sure she was in God’s will. In 1945, with a small band of saints, they formed the First Pentecostal United Holy Church.

     Through the years, First Pentecostal United Holy Church has been blessed with many leaders:

Reverend Mrs. Rebecca J. Mackey 1948 – 1958
Reverend George M. Williams 1958 – 1963
Bishop Saint Elmo Pugh 1964 – 1979
Reverend Thomas Hart 1981 – 1985
Pastor A. Ray Rouson, Sr. 1985 – 2004
Pastor Christina Rouson 2004 – 2008
Pastor Donzell Jones Sr. 2010 – Present

     In June, 2010, Elder Donzell Jones Sr. became the Pastor of First Pentecostal United Holy Church. He was joined by his wife, La’Kisha Jones, two sons, Donzell Jones Jr., Emmanuel Jones and one daughter, Destiny Jones. Pastor Jones enjoys studying, teaching and preaching the word of God.

     The church has been blessed by the mighty hands of God. We will continue to give thanks and praise to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.